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Our Team

D. Ani Supreethi
Advocate High court,Andhra Pradesh,India.
national co-ordinator

Madiki Mary Sonia
M.Sc Psy;M.S(Psycotherapy)
International co-ordinator


I was born in missionary family. My father was a missionary who dedicated his life to encourage the servants of the Lord’s House. Since my childhood I very much admired this mission. My father trained me to support the poor preachers and evangelists hence serving the servants of God has became my lifestyle.

In 1976 I fell in love with Solmon S.D, who is an atheist. On 8th October 1983 our marriage was consummated. My husband was a social reformatory. He always believed that service humanity is service to almighty. He had a great hatred on the truth less Church and the priest craft. He served as mayor (President) of our village. Since the date of my marriage till Jan 1993 he never allowed me or our children to attend the church. He is a prominent solicitor and a very good businessman and he liked to spend all his hard earnings for the welfare of the poor. Helping the poor became a tradition of our family. During 83-93 for ten years, my husband didn’t allowed me to go to Church Fellowship but he didn’t objected my prayers or Bible reading at home, it made me a woman of prayer and devotee of Bible and compassion became my passion.

We have never spent our money on our children education all my children were home schooled. Instead of providing good education to our children in corporate schools we provided good education to many poor children by saving that amount. Since 1976 to 1995 for 20 years I continually prayed God for the salvation of my husband. God saved him miraculously. For three years from 1992-1995, I and my husband both learnt the Word of God at His feet and 0n 10th May 1996 got baptized in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We oppose denominationalism and trust that Christ is the head of the Church. Now my husband is a committed and a multitalented missionary. He committed his life to Evangelize India working in different spears. After we accepted Christ, we lost all our worldly glory. My husband lost his mayor post; he lost his solicitor profession and business and became bankrupt. We remained helpless .In such conditions God made me a SHUNAMMITE Woman.

In our missionary journey we found that every rural church preacher is getting only 15 to 30 dollars per month and leading a menial life. They have no proper accommodation, no proper food, no proper schooling for their children ,some of their wives are working as agriculture labourers and they are the living examples of the starvation. Their churches also still remained worse than their preacher. I spent many years to encourage them in word of God but no change was taken place. I convinced my husband to serve the poor preachers of our area I and my family adopted 12 churches. First we started support to the preachers both in spirit and secular needs. Then we encouraged building their churches and finally we helped them to build their churches and parsonages. Now those churches become self-sustained and those preachers are carrying glorious gospel work. Hope they will become self-sufficient within short time and those churches are continually praying our family and for the work we are committed for resulting we receiving His abundant blessings.

God blessed our children with best education. Our daughter is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist MSc (Psy), M.S (Psy Theo), ADR (NALSAR), B.L (AU), AGDBS (UK). Our Elder son is a Mechanical Engineer and solicitor. Younger son is doing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in Delhi IIT. All my children are Christians, married and blessed with children and peacemakers. Our family is a family of peace. For a little encouragement towards lord’s work, Lord rewarded me with His abundant blessings. I want every Christian woman shall receive all the blessings of the earth and heaven with her small commitment towards the Church growth in India.

I trust that the secret of the success of SHUNAMMITE woman is her desire to serve the servants of God: thus our family committed to serve the servants of God. We extended our services to nearly 100 preachers with only our family funds. We never looked at any missions or missionary for financial assistance for God gave me a living testimony as a SHUNAMMITE Woman. But still I saw there wa a lot of need