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Most of the women in Indian Church are illiterate, unemployed and poor. Untill they delivered from their poverty the Indian Church will not be strengthened in any means. They need a work to earn, if they earn they give if they give the India’s church will become grows as self-sustainable church. I am not against to receive foreign support but God revealed me that instead of extending support for living, providing a work to support themselves to prosper is the Godly way.


We are planning to start a women organizzation in India with capital fund of 1 billion indian rupees. The shunammite women who are surviving with daily bread shall join as the shareholder of the company each share is INR 1000/- so like wise we will collect 10 million rupees as shunammite women share capital and 49% we will raise from Christian Women across the world 500 million indian rupees and the reserve bank will provide the 50%loan to the Mahilla Bank

Through this mahila Bank we will support cooperative society federation to start mahila companies and we will go for shares. My witness with 100’s of churches to encourage them to support the work of the servants of Lord’s house but I can’t find any progress. I felt that something is missing.The reason I found out was, Indian church having most of them were women than men. In that 95% of women are from rural, coastal and tribal churches with no income. They are poorest of the poor and thus the churches are getting at the maximum of Rs 1000 to 2000(20 to 30 dollars) a month as collection. And so, the rural preachers are wandering around the missionaries for financial help and the churches day to day are becoming weak to weaker and weakest in number. The preachers can’t concentrate on the church work which they are ought to do. Some preachers are becoming liars and fraudsters. Some are turning towards the worldly sources to defend their hunger. It gives me a lot of pain and suffering. We know that all the Christians will be blessed through giving but, 95% of the Indian church is very poor in giving because church members are poorest of the poor. I know many missionaries are coming from all over the world to India and distributing a pair of clothes per year and food for a day. I also know that many missions are extending the support for preachers i.e, from Rs300 to 1000 (5 to 15 dollars) per month, which will not bring any change in their lives or faith which ultimately negatives the Gospel in India. Since last 20 years, I had been praying to God to show me a way to encourage the weak churches which in turn encourage the preachers and to effectively evangelize India.

God answered and explained the problem of Indian church “if a brother or sister is naked and destitute of food and if one of you says to them” Depart in peace, be warmed and filled but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, which does it profit? James 2:12.

So it is very clear that the brothers and sisters of the Indian Church are half naked and destitute of daily food.

The overseer missionaries are striving to give the food and clothes for a day or a month.

Native missionaries are affording to broadcast the gospel through all kinds of media and through conducting the mass gospel meets, revival meets, preacher meets etc.

The charity missions running home for destitute children, homes for widows, homes for handicapped, home for the blind and homes for the aged (Indian government and other religious charitable trusts are also doing a great charity than Christian missions) but the problem is increasing day by day. For we must recognise that the (90%Indian Church itself is naked and destitute of daily food.

The scriptures says that If we want to evangelize India we must provide food and clothes to 90% of our church members then only we must preach the gospel. World knows that the 90% church work is going on with support of the foreign Christian missions.These missions are only providing Christmas food and New year celebration clothes to the Church in India thus, though the Christian missions of the world multiplied but the church growth in India is decreasing day by day. We know that no one can carry the whole burden of other but the scripture says- Bear one another’s burdens. Gal 6:2 I love one verse and I am committed to it that is” warn those who untruly, comfort the fainthearted, up hold the weak be patient with all” 1Thess 5:14.

During the last 2 centuries the World Christian missions dumping their money in India but the Christianity was decreasing day by day for the Schedule caste Christians who were of 80% of the India’s Church.

In the beginning the woman brought the sin in to the world in the end the women annihilate the sin from the world for God. Micro finance and women industries for the economic development of women and promotion of sanitation to develop hygienic sense among Women.

My international exposure will help the organisation to get the self –sustainability and self -sufficiency among the women fold India.

The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world Charles Malik.

If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” -- Margaret Thatcher

Women are the real architects of society.” -- Harriet Beecher Stowe