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Most of the women in Indian Church are illiterate, unemployed and poor. Untill they delivered from their poverty the Indian Church will not be strengthened in any means. They need a work to earn, if they earn they give if they give the India’s church will grow as self-sustainable church. I am not against to receive foreign support but God revealed me that instead of extending support for living, providing a work to support themselves to prosper is the Godly way.


Short term Plan

We started a women empowerment program i.e, SWAN. Shunammite women associates nebula. It is the Brain Child of my Mother. Like a Shunammite women every Christian women must support their local preacher and be blessed. The great need in rural Churches is the financial support of the local preacher. This program is not only for the poor Christian women but to the Hindu women also. And the purpose of mixed program is that they all will have a Christian Fellowship. I am seeking help from many organisations and banks to help these women to help themselves but again it’s a vicious circle I need to show surety for getting loan to start up where some women can work. This is a project through which we can take gospel into many more lives especially Hindu community.

We planned the work in 3 stages :

Stage 1: Survey, Awareness camps counselling sessions (completed) in 3years

SWAN Initial work is done and we sorted out who are in real need in our surrounding areas and gathered all the information in the application format. We took all the details of these women who wanted to work for themselves and also to support the local preacher. I travelled and made several awareness camps. We sorted out the places where we can start the work. We are in this work for the past 3 years. Now there are 1000 women enrolled in this program and many more are willing. But for the work convenience we are thinking of these 1000 women initially.

Stage 2: Acquiring a place of a Christian Skill development centre (CSDC)

By God’s grace we do have lot of space and work place but it needs some Renovation. For the past 6 months we are making renovations with the small help we were able to get and with our own funds. And we are able to arrange the water facility and power connections. We can do many Christian activities in the near future in Samalkot. Complete Renovation work is going to finish in next 6 months. But we can start the women activity by January 2017 if there is availability of Funds. Lord willing this will be the great gospel centre and a Disciples making place. Our initial plan is to set up a Christian women skill development center. Where 15-20 women will come and stay and learn the skill they are interested in and have a Christian fellowship and then go back homes and can work for SWAN projects in their areas. By God's grace we had an accommodation. And it is an ideal place where women from anywhere in the world can come and encourage these women. This will be the First Christian women training camp and our VISION is 100 women having a great Christian fellowship and this will be the gospel center and a disciple making Center. These 1000 women will come and learn the work in batches . Those who can come and go they will and those from far places they will stay we need to provide food and accommodation. Once they choose the work they are capable of and learnt it then first we will start in 4 villages with the 4 units after getting training in CSDC and Lord willing we will provide the work for others in near future. On each unit nearly 250 members will be trained. what we need:

Tailoring Unit..... 7000 USD

Sanitary napkin making unit... 8000 USD

Cooking Unit Indian snacks… 7000 USD

Pickle making Unit ....... 8000 USD

Women in most villages use dirty cloths during their menstrual cycle. Sometimes the same cloth is shared by more than one woman, In some parts in India women use sand bags. Such unhygienic methods cause diseases, including reproductive tract infection. Unavailability and high costs of sanitary napkins deter menstrual hygiene in rural India. so this is one of the issues I counsel young girls and women and wanted to make low cost sanitary napkins and sell them in the villages. This amount will be used for buying the training materials and the running costs for the 6 -7 months for 250 women in each unit . Later if we want to continue to train more we will can do that in this center as per the availability of funds or else we can use the units in another villages. If anyone can come forward to help with one project then also we start with that first and we can train some.

Stage 3:Swan work extension for the villages In 2017

After the trainings which we were thinking for 6 months lord willing we will set up small units with a minimum seed money around 2000USD and then the trained women will work and earn for themselves and support the local preacher. Many Souls will be added to the church and we can make many Disciples for Christ. In India I approached lot of Government officials but they are not interested to encourage this Christian project. I know there are women out there who are interested and can help in empowering the most deserved women in India. Above all I Trust God and my only Hope is from God. This might seem big but I believe my God is bigger than this. I need your prayerful support.

Long term Plan

We are planning to start a women organization in India with capital fund of 1 billion indian rupees. The shunammite women who are surviving with daily bread shall join as the shareholder of the company. Each share is INR 1000/- so like wise we want to collect 10 million rupees as shunammite women share capital and 49% we want to raise from Christian Women across the world 500 million indian rupees and the reserve bank will provide the 50%loan to the Mahilla Bank

Through this mahila Bank we will support cooperative society federation to start mahila companies and we will go for shares. My witness with 100’s of churches to encourage them to support the work of the servants of Lord’s house but I can’t find any progress. I felt that something is missing.The reason I found out was, Indian church having most of them were women than men. In that 95% of women are from rural, coastal and tribal churches with no income. They are poorest of the poor and thus the churches are getting at the maximum of Rs 1000 to 2000(20 to 30 dollars) a month as collection. And so, the rural preachers are wandering around the missionaries for financial help and the churches day to day are becoming weak to weaker and weakest in number. The preachers can’t concentrate on the church work which they are ought to do. Some preachers are becoming liars and fraudsters. Some are turning towards the worldly sources to defend their hunger. It gives me a lot of pain and suffering. We know that all the Christians will be blessed through giving but, 95% of the Indian church is very poor in giving because church members are poorest of the poor. I know many missionaries are coming from all over the world to India and distributing a pair of clothes per year and food for a day. I also know that many missions are extending the support for preachers i.e, from Rs300 to 1000 (5 to 15 dollars) per month, which will not bring any change in their lives or faith which ultimately negatives the Gospel in India. Since last 20 years, I had been praying to God to show me a way to encourage the weak churches which in turn encourage the preachers and to effectively evangelize India.

God answered and explained the problem of Indian church “if a brother or sister is naked and destitute of food and if one of you says to them” Depart in peace, be warmed and filled but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, which does it profit? James 2:12.

So it is very clear that the brothers and sisters of the Indian Church are half naked and destitute of daily food.

The overseer missionaries are striving to give the food and clothes for a day or a month. Native missionaries are affording to broadcast the gospel through all kinds of media and through conducting the mass gospel meets, revival meets, preacher meets etc.

The charity missions running home for destitute children, homes for widows, homes for handicapped, home for the blind and homes for the aged (Indian government and other religious charitable trusts are also doing a great charity than Christian missions) but the problem is increasing day by day. For we must recognise that the (90%Indian Church itself is naked and destitute of daily food.

We work through this organisation to get the self –sustainability and self -sufficiency among the women fold India. Micro finance and women industries for the economic empowerment of women

"The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world"-- Charles Malik.

"If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman" -- Margaret Thatcher

"Women are the real architects of society.” -- Harriet Beecher Stowe